🇮🇩 Bali, INDONESIABali is the most popular island holiday destination in the Indonesian archipelago. It surely has something to offer to you too as Bali is a fine combination of sandy beaches with perfect waves for the surfers, long sunset for the “love birds”, deliciously fresh food for the food lovers, and tons of culture for the explorers 🐒

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🇪🇸 Barcelona, SPAIN: After some reconstructions that had been made for the Olympic games in Barcelona in 1992 (including the construction of the beach!), the city of Barcelona is becoming more and more popular amongst travellers. Barcelona is also one of the most visited cities in Europe probably only behind London and Paris. Great architectures and artists like Antoni Gaudi, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso had left a mark in Barcelona. You can even see it nowadays- wherever you see a weird shaped building, that’s probably Gaudi’s creation who had also worked on the construction of Sagrada Familia. With beach, mountain, marvelous architecture, warm people, nice food and really enjoyable temperatures, you will be in good hands if you visit Barcelona ❤️

the cathedral in barcelona must definitely be in your must-see-list for the city. You can see it from the front in this picture in a nice clear day

🇬🇧 London, ENGLANDLondinium (as London was firstly named when was founded by the Romans) is the capital of England. That ancient Roman city is the core of today’s London. You can even see parts of the walls that were guarding the city. With more than 300 languages spoken in London, you will almost feel like home:) Art, commerce, education, fashion, museums, galleries, media, entertainment. You name it- London has it! And something really important… London is not just Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Big Ben! There is so much more to see, so many places to explore, so much history to get into… 🏰

a sculpture of a woman and a dolphin part of a fountain with the water coming out at this moment and tower bridge and the shard at background with a clear sky
oyster card, London travel






🇧🇬 Sofia, BULGARIASofia, the capital of Bulgaria, has been an area of human habitation since at least 7000 BC. You can only try to imagine the amount of history that has been left in this very attractive city. If you ever travel to Sofia, make sure you visit Serdika (Underground Station). Inside Serdika station you will see a small exhibition of antiques (like a mini museum) and as you go out of the station, history will strike you straight in the face! Trust me 🦁


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