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Wandswort Radio
Wandsworth Radio Live Interview

Something happened last Monday. I got into my first interview ever! Well, I’ve been given interviews before but it was one of those that they stop random people on the streets and ask them a question or two. The one I will tell you about was different- it was on radio and it wasn’t random.
We talked about the “Curious Project”: how it started, where the idea came from and where do I see it in the future. I also got surprised with some questions like “what do you think of the school system” and “what’s your favorite fact” (they are just so many).
Anyhow, you can find the interview together with a vlog by scrolling till the end of this page but I would like to talk about something else now and that is how exactly you can find opportunities like this one. A radio interview might be something you do not desire. You might prefer one of your photos to be featured or to be invited to a Meetup to talk about Pokemon GO. Whatever you desire, whatever makes you happy, there is only one way to get it- by looking for it. That actually is not 100% truth. I wasn’t looking for an interview on a radio but you will be surprised how many opportunities that you haven’t even considered will appear on the way. So let me paraphrase my sentence: “The way you get opportunities is by keep knocking on the door”. The formula is one- let the world know you are out there by producing content. Once you take the decision to do this, there are two steps you need to follow:

  1. Find out what you really love and whether is basketball, photography or Barbie dolls, start talking about it. The more you do it, the louder you are, the better.
  2. The first point automatically leads to the second one which is: How to do it? There are 3 ways you can reach your potential audience: via voice (that could mean starting a podcast), written word (which can be done by starting a blog, open an account in Medium or even writing 6,8,11 sentences in your Facebook/Instagram posts) and the last one- video (YouTube is waiting for you ;)). Find out in which way you deliver your message better and start doing it.

That’s that! The problem is it takes time and it requires work. Patience and work ethic are the two pillars here. You are going to have to decrease the amount of time you play video games, reduce the Friday nights out or even sleep less if you are that passionate.
But if you are happy with 12 hours of playing video games on Saturday or a “Game of Thrones weekend”, that’s fine. All the above comes if you are not happy with your current situation and keep complaining about your unfulfilled dreams.
So, are you happy?
Watch the interview here ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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