Cancun CEO (Cancun Experience Officer) Explained ~ 2 min read

Cancun has opened what probably is the best job offer you have ever heard of. Cancun is looking for his CEO (Cancun Experience Officer) who will be invited there and for a period of 6 months, Cancun will pay to that person the accommodation, travel expenses, and all travel related fees and even a salary. In return they require the production of promotional content in the form of video, photos and written word. In order to apply for this position you need to submit 1 minute video telling why you have to be Cancun’s CEO. Then there’s voting.

Voting ends 5 PM British time on 24 December. The organizers of the contest are aiming to announce 100 best applications on 27 December. Each person from the 100 will have a task that needs to be done in certain time limits. From these 100, 50 will be picked for the next round. Same principle- complete a given task which will lead to 5 people picked up out of these 50. These 5 creators will be flied to Cancun for a final stage of the contest. Only one out of the thousand applications will be chosen.

Here’s what is interesting…

I wasn’t planning to push my application much but after seeing what the others have to offer I felt obligated to do so. As always, a team is performing better than an individual. Therefore, Curious Nation, I would like to ask for your help.

🔥 You can view my application and VOTE it by clicking here 🔥

In the 1-minute video in the application you will not only see how I will add value to Cancun but I add value to you on the spot. I have promised you a video about London eye a while ago and this fabulous landmark “sneaks in” with useful information about prices and few remarkably curious facts.

And definitely give that 5 min video a watch as I show you how the TOP application looks like, explain you in details WHY I am pushing for my application & also throw a little bit of motivation. I really hope this motivates you. Watch this ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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