“When you are curious you find lots of interesting things to do”

Walt Disney

curious pavel london buckingham palace trafalgar square sightseeing travel history

We observed travelers before the beginning of this project and we discovered two main groups.

1) Tourists– tend to walk slow, sit in coffee shops for hours and take a lot of pictures of places and things, most of them they don’t know anything about.

2) Travellers– they have a better understanding of where would they go, when and why. Simply more prepared.

Pavel, together with his fellow companion Deso, would like to give you that little something so you can extract more from your journey.

We are giving you:
✈ Travel tips
🎑 Places to visit
πŸ’΅Β Money saving hints
🎩 History facts
⚑ And more

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curious pavel london big ben travel interesting history facts

P.S. No tourists were harmed during the observations!