What are the plug sockets like in Dubai?

Always check in advance the type of plug sockets you will find in the place you travel to. Will you need any adapters?

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) did not surprise me. Watch this video and make sure it won’t surprise you as well.



4 thoughts on “What are the plug sockets like in Dubai?

  1. It’s always worth getting more adapters. If you travel a lot, a universal adapter to convert your plugs to the local socket might be handy. I always travel with a powerboard with 3 or 4 sockets on it. Then I only need one adapter, and I am sure to have plenty of sockets to use. It’s amazing that even modern hotels often don’t have enough available sockets to use. Cheers for the post. 👍

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    1. You are right. Haven’t thought about that. How hotels don’t offer those.. when I was flying back from Dubai I forgot my adapter down in the suitcase. I asked a flight attendant about an adapter but with no luck so I had to sleep 😐

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      1. At least you got some sleep, my friend. 👍 I’m always struggling to find enough power points in hotels. I have stayed in one glorious hotel that had USB plugs around the place so it was easy to charge your phone by the bed and other devices elsewhere. 👍👍👍👍

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