1300 Years of Bulgaria (monument in Shumen, Bulgaria)

1300 Years of Bulgaria is the name of this monument in Shumen simply because it was erected 130 years after Khan Asparuh founded Bulgaria. This huge monument is like a closed space in which you can “meet” the people who probably contributed the most for the First Bulgarian Country. Khan Asparuh will “great” you at the entrance as a founder of Bulgaria. You will see Tervel, the diplomat, Krum, the creator of the laws and Omurtag, the builder. Boris I is also there who introduced the Christianity to the nation and after him is Simeon I (also known as Simeon The Great) who extended the country to 3 sees. In the monument he is surrounded by his boyards who helped him with important solutions, and his army.
Check this video for more. 

8 thoughts on “1300 Years of Bulgaria (monument in Shumen, Bulgaria)

    1. Thank you for watching it!
      Pretty interesting blog you have! Are you still living in Bulgaria?

      P.S. the expendibles was also filmed in Bulgaria and staying on a movie subject, Nina Dobrev and the guy from one of the latest Harry Potters (I believe his name was Victor) are bulgarians 🙂

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      1. Yes. I am still living here, in Sofia. Yeap. I’ve been to Nu Boyana Film Studios for a casting not long ago, to play a role on the new Escobar’s film. I didn’t get the job, but it was a nice experience. The director who shot my casting was also on the Expendables 😉

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  1. I really enjoyed this video. One day, I’d love to go and see the monument and learn more about the history of Bulgaria. There’s a lot to learn!

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