Would you dare to take a look? ~ 1 min read

curious pavel prague door.jpg

Ah, Prague and its architecture 😍 But lets not talk about Prague or architecture.

Lets talk about opportunities.
Imagine the following scenario: you see this place with an open door. No couples or groups going in or out to “tell” you that it’s a touristic place. No “officials” passing thought the door to signal that you probably shouldn’t go there.
Here’s the question…

Would you go and have a look at what’s inside?

Would you? Are you curious enough?
I think you should. Why? Simply because there’s is nothing to lose (as in many other situations in life). If you chose to skip this and go on your way you will not only not know the answer (can you go there or not) but might have missed something spectacular inside. Basically what I’m trying to say is “Don’t be afraid to ask”. What’s the worst can happen? They’ll tell you…

“you can’t go there”
“you can’t have a pay rise”
“no, I don’t want to go out with you”.

🔑 The bottom line is if you never ask, you will never know. You’ll never find out what you have missed. And that is worst than a failure…

📚 So please, I beg you, leave your “shy nature” at home and question everything you do not know, ask for that pay rise, approach that girl and say something.

Ask questions. Thank me later 😉

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